Soul retrival, shamanic trans



In the process of Soul Retrieval the client discovers his lost qualities, abilities (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional…), that are mostly concequences of traumas, mental or physical…During the process this lost quality is manifested in the present, client feels it as very intense, positive, momentary experience and is in far better state then in the beggining of the process.


On this workshop you will have an opportunity to enter a gentle, deep and fast – healing trans.

You will experience simultaneously all SELF-s, all sides of your personality and their complements and DARK sides, which you thought you didn’t want to have – all this with love. This will unleash your creative power above all your expectations.

You will learn to use the state of trans on yourself, which will lure out astonishing potentials of self-healing. You will learn to work in a way, that you will feel more creative and protected in your own life, with the sence of connection with you own deep instinctive mind, your soul and sorroundings in wider meaning. Energy masks that we wear in our daily life are holograms of our own limited structures of beliefs and have mysterious all-infusing influence on how people respond to us. During this workshop we will disclose these masks and learn to transmute them with shamanic alchemy. In this way it will be us who will create our lives as we want them to be. We will learn to give our consciousness a bigger flexibility, which will enable us to enter deeper into it. We will learn how to choose most appropriate archetypic state of consciousness, which will give greater intensity to our results in life.

REQUIREMENT: Preliminary participation on the basic shamanic workshop.