Holographic time line


Create your dreams, enter them and live life you know you want to live…

You can achieve this so that you learn to work within and outside of the illusion of time, with access to knowledge of the past, both personal as trans-personal, as a tool for creating your own future.

This course engages special techniques, created by Rowland Barkley out of age-old secret shamanic therapy techniques, for the treatment of temporal life’s traumas, originating from  the womb, previous generations or past lives. This holographically inverts patterns of weakness to patterns of power, reawakens old knowledge and motivates future activity. The course will add a very strong dimension in your present life.

Together with australian shaman Rowland Barkley (right) in Baba King

Most of the techniques on reduction of traumatic incidents is based on assumption, that memory is local and that client has “a snapshot” of himself as a victim in a certain event. With this course you will develop an approach for entering into this holographic snapshot of a particual event and therefore experience all participants, co-creators of this event. The bond between individual and trauma is the fact that he doesn’t want to know, how others felt like who were also involved in this situation or what they thought about it. Working with these techniques often brings miracles, regardless of the accurring manifestation type (emotional, trauma’s pattern).

When knowledges are once seperated from traumas, parts of the client’s soul that were caught in the past, return to him in changed form – as a quality of life.

REQUIREMENT: Previous participation on a basic shamanic workshop.