Introduction of the Centre

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The one who knows himself, knows all.

Center Altorion represents Gnostic cell in this bipolar universe of matter, energy, time and space, inspired by antient and modern gnostic movements, groups and individuals, from the beginning of conscious humanity until now.

The goal was, is and always will be clear and everlasting:

»Get to know, experience and live YOURSELF!!«

ROBERT LAVTAR, the founder of Gnostic Center of Alternative Altorion, has primarily searched and found The Truth for himself, then shared his knowledge forward.

During his study of spiritual practices Robert put to the test and mastered numerous philosophies and techniques – from achievements of contemporary authors to ancient tradition of consecrated descendants. All his knowledge is based on personal experience. All the methods were first used on himself, family members and then on hundreds of clients.

From his point of view Center Altorion contains the best and the most efficient methods on this planet.

The goal is free and self-realized individual.


Robert was acquainted with conducting the most efficient gnostic spiritual methods (Gnostic Intensive, PEAT, Sunjata Intensive,…) by the author of The Spiritual Technology of the New Age, Ž.M. Slavinski (www.spiritual-technology.com).

In Brazil he was trained for implementation of contemporary shamanic methods (Exorcism, Soul Retrieval, Time Line Holografic Healing, Therapeutic Trance,… ) at Paz Geia, Institute for neo-Shamanism in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On March 2002 in Brazil Robert was initiated into IFA by the 82-year old Nigerian babalawo Balogun Fabunmi. He was introduced into more than 10.000 year old intact shamanic-religious African system, the roots of which reach back into the ancient Sumeria.

He developed completely uniqe way of applying IFA knowledge into the modern world.

In April 2002 Robert acquired a PhD degree (in modern shamanism) at The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Robert conducted workshops and individual sessions in Austria (Vienna), Germany (München), Belgium (Brussels), Great Britain (London), Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Norway (Oslo), Croatia (Zagreb), Italy (Tuscany) and Australia (Sydney).


During his learning process he personally met many masters from many different areas:

Robert with Živorad M. Slavinski

Robert with Rowland Barkley (far right) and Baba King

Navajo medicine man

Navajo medicine man

Robert with Australian Aboriginal Elder Uncle Max

Robert with Nigerian Babalawo Balogun Fabunmi (2002)

IFA wedding

Scottish Knight Templars

Robert and the Pope John Paul II

Robert performing life reading for his grandson