Manifest EGA


is the Church of TRUTH.

Our home from which we set out long time ago, is the Truth.

Our path which leads us through numerous eons, worlds of deception and illusions, is The Truth.

Our aim is The Truth.

We believe in nothing which we did not directly learn.

We believe in everything that we directly learned .

Our learning is not based on belief but on Direct Experience of The Truth.

Our inner voice – AUM or intuition led us on The Gnostic Path of The Truth. Experiences gained with Direct Recognition lead us along the road.

A member of our Church may be every adult regardless of religious, racial or national affiliation, who recognizes the same rights to other creatures as to himself.

Affiliation to our Church through fraternal support and True Love eases spiritual self-realization for every individual.

White Gnostic Church serves the members and all others, to get to know through Direct Experience the true knowledge about themselves, the world, other human beings and God, to get to know through Direct Experience their place in cosmos and the meaning of their existence.

We are open to all unlimited possibilities and countless paths of spiritual evolution of a Man. We accept everything that leads to The Truth, any process, method or ritual. We reject everything that does not lead to The Truth.

We respect the mystical and Gnostic learnings, which withstood centuries and millennia of trials, but only accept from them what we experience on our own.

Inner voice, Aum, is telling us, this learnings are real, but only Direct Experience of The Truth confirms this.

Our inner voice is telling us, that we lived many times, that we had many bodies, names and identities; that we used many languages and many means os comunication; it is telling us, that we were on manye planets and in many Universes lost in infinity of time. And, that we are not here and now by accident.

Inner voice is telling us for a long time, that there is a way out from this cage named the physical body, from the illusion named material world and, that there are higher forms of consciousness, which steps are on this way.

Our methods of Direct Experience of the Truth confirmed it. Our inner voice also tells us, that there is the deepest level of recognition of Absolute Truth and that it is open to each human being, who is ready to take a step on the Path of Truth.

Teachings from long time ago and inner voice confiring this, tell us, that there are forces, which are in spiritual view above the human present in this moment on this planet; that these forces are making contact with human beings and direct them on the Path, that leads to the highest Absolute Consciousness, which we call God or Truth. And that this Truth is the deepest core of our being.

Through eternal love, through Arelena, we, who live in the body of White Gnostic Church, invite you, brother or sister, to join us consciously. If your inner voice tells you, that the time has come, join us. If the Truth doesn’t speak in you in this moment, we will meet in some other time, on other planet, in other world. We have met each other many times, but we didn’t always recognise each other.

A r e l e n a


( Ecclesia Gnostica Alba )