Life Reading

Dafa Imori – Life Reading is the basic Ifa ritual at which with help of original African instruments the energy of individual’s destiny in this life is determined and activated.

In Africa Babalawo the third day after child’s birth performs Dafa Imori – life reading. Among others he also determines Orisha, energy of the character, that individual chooses in this life to help him fulfill his destiny. This information helps parents to understand and canalize the child’s energy in direction for him most positive and least destructive.

Knowledge of powers as also possible dangers, that are specific for individual energy, can have crucial significance.

As an adults, after our primal Orisha was determined, we find out, that we behaved in ways that weren’t in accordance with our own power. Numerous causes of failure and fulfillment of ourself are found in not knowing our own energy.

Life reading can also be performed when a person is not present.

Lasts 45 – 60 minutes.