First contact

At first contact we always do short free of charge reading of your momentary state, where it is determined the next most suitable individual or group process. Process of first reading lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and can be done also through Skype or phone. Mobile: Robert (00386 41 335 215) Skype: robert.lavtar

Neutralisation of basic polarities (PEAT)

Breaking free of the see-saw! With the help of PEAT Deep Processing, you will be able to uncover, make conscious and Neutralise your Primordial Polarities (”Primes” for short). Neutralisation of your Primes solves your most fundamental problem forever. You can’t avoid this resolution, even if you wanted to. This process liberates each human being from[…]

Perate process

Perate process is an individual process where three basic spheres of an individual or a certain problem are processed in one continuous process that lasts 2-3 hours. First segment is use of special methods of spiritual technology to detect and neutralize basic codes – polarities (PEAT). In case where person’s polarities were already neutralized, special[…]

Unplug process

Current system all over the world is falling apart. In the context of what was happening in 2012 i represented you Unplug Process, so far the first individual process where deep Ifa divination with use of Opon is combinated with DP-4 process. The aim is to discover and neutralize last bounds that hold individual connected[…]

Life Reading

Dafa Imori – Life Reading is the basic Ifa ritual at which with help of original African instruments the energy of individual’s destiny in this life is determined and activated. In Africa Babalawo the third day after child’s birth performs Dafa Imori – life reading. Among others he also determines Orisha, energy of the character,[…]