Perate process

Perate process is an individual process where three basic spheres of an individual or a certain problem are processed in one continuous process that lasts 2-3 hours.

First segment is use of special methods of spiritual technology to detect and neutralize basic codes – polarities (PEAT). In case where person’s polarities were already neutralized, special process is carried out of detecting the problem, individual is aware of, but can’t clearly define it or couldn’t solve till now despite the effort. Then follows the corresponding process of spiritual technology that solves this problem on the highest level.

Second segment represents activation of consciousness of physical body with the use of shamanic techniques. In case a person already has consciousness of his physical body activated, special shamanic methods are used, mostly hologram time line processes, to detect and neutralize all negative decisions and influences of the problem in question from the first segment.

The third segment represents IFA Life Reading that basically with one process ends the process of manifestation of human destiny in physical reality. In case a person already has life reading done, IFA divination is performed with Opon, which precisely determines all required activities, that will enable all positive changes to realize in material world in the shortest possible time.

Peratae is the name of Gnostic community from the times of pre-Christianity and means: “Those who know the passage!”

Process is performed in Prekmurje and in Ljubljana. Prior reservation is necessary.