PROGRAM OF IFA METHODS (after life reading is done)

Initiations are carried out by Robert presonally.

  • ICOFA initiation
  • ORI initiation
  • IYAMI initiation
  • EGUNGUN initiation

After Life-reading these next steps of IFA rituals follow : Eshu, Ebori and Icofa.

Their preformance is sometimes set along Life-reading, but mostly it is recommended for those who are really drawned to IFA system and want to deepen their spiritual power, knowledge and selfconfident. Of course it is also ment for those whose lifes werent completely balanced by the previous methods.

The usual order is Eshu Ifa, Ebori and then Icofa, basic Ifa initiation. Time interval depends on the individual’s destiny or in critical cases – urgency. It is possible for all rituals to be preformed in one day.

  • ESHU IFA ( reception and consecration of personal Eshu )

Eshu Ifa symbolizes energy that opens doors to new projects in widest meaning of the word. In Ifa context it represents the intermediate between sky and earth, the energy that is present before anything begins.

When individual gets his personal Eshu, he receives potencial for all existing possibilities. According to the fact that each one of us has its own specific energy and destiny, preparation and making of Eshu is completely accustomed to each individual.

The energy of personal life path is impressed in Eshu on an age-old way, adding special sand from deep mother earth…After that an age-old process of Eshu activation is carried out.

You receive Eshu for your entire life. Preliminarily you have to do Life-reading, where the energy of your life path is determened.


  • EB’ORI ( offering and connection to your higher-SELF )

Ebo Ori is an age-old ritual of offering to higher-Self, with which you establish a connection that in most cases lasts the whole life and further more.

This gentle, quiet, simple and at the same time unbelievably powerful ritual is usually done in silence, in evening time. Symbolically and literaly you tear off your old clothes and put on new ones. During the night the process of connecting sets off, and in the morning, at dawn, during the walk and meditation you simbolically enter your new life.

You neccessary require!!!

  • 1x set of old clothes, that are later shed
  • 1x set of new or a bit used white clothes
  • 1x head covering, sport cap, hat (of bright colours )…for the way home
  • gifts for your Ori, round own judgment ( smaller amount of sweet fruit and sweets, or anything you find appropriate for giving to your Ori )
  • EGUNGUN STICKS ( connecting with energy of deceased blood ancestors )

It is a very important tool for intense connection with the energy of deceased ancestors – EGUNGUN STICKS, a sheaf of nine tied sticks, consecrated with special ritual that awakens our female and male deceased ancestors. We use them at every connection with ancestors by holding them during the process in the left hand.

Presence is not necessary.



Ishefa (Icofa) initiation  “One hand of Orunmila( Ifa)”

Individuals who want to deepen their insight and want to find out more about the use of Orunmila ( Ifa ) energy on a higher and more sophisticated level, they can receive their own Icofa. This very powerful initiatiative process enables individual to come in intense contact with potential powers of Orunmila ( IFA ), divination Orisha. After you receive Icofa you can start making divinations for your own needs.


All information about IYAMI, ORISHA, ORI, EGUNGUN initiations you can receive through phone.

We ask you to inform us every time through phone about your interests of any of above initiations/rituals.

All informations: 041 335 215 (Robert Lavtar)