Integral Excalibur

Integral Excalibur is a system created by Ž. M. Slavinski that represents the basis of all modern Gnostic spiritual methods. It is specially recommended for all those that don’t yet have practical experiences with self growth methods and want “to take lives in their hands”.

In two days you will learn how to use this powerful tool to incredibly almost miraculously make your life easier on all areas. Based on his direct experience an individual realizes that all the causes of his unwanted states are in himself and that with Excalibur he can dissolve them and replace them with the ones he wants incredibly easy.

Even though the workshop is meant for training how to use this method in daily life, most of participants remove some of their biggest problems right away. This is due to methodology which is directed towards the practice and where all the techniques are being used for concrete situations from practitioner’s life. The course takes place in a group although Excalibur is a system meant for independent work of practitioner.

You won’t need a therapist anymore for radical changes in your reality, only regularly performing the Excalibur. The stated qualities put EXCALIBUR among one of the most valuable methods of self-growth on the planet that quickly spreads among people who want to expand their successfulness, efficiency and improve the quality of their lives.

Until recently the path of spiritual and inner ……… was strictly separate from the successfulness in a daily life. With appearance of EXCALIBUR the situation radically changed. Among satisfied users of this system is a large number of highly successful and respected people, from the University professors, successful business people to top sportsmen. They all discovered an efficient method for removing stress and creating nice reality, as well as a means to fantastically improve their successfulness.