Gnostic Intensive


The only goal of the GNOSTIC INTENSIVE is immediate – direct experience of the Truth or Gnosis.

This alternative technique is allowing individual to experience the enlightening through basic age-old questions ( coans ): “Who am i?”, “What am i?”, “What is life?”, “What is other human being?”, etc…

It is impossible to talk about Gnosis or exactly describe it. The reason lies in a fact that Gnosis is a direct experience of the Trouth, while our entire life is built on indirect experiences. Till the moment Ego or inner-Self starts to form, consciousness of the child is sunk in unidentified ocean of unity. But from that time on all his experiences in life are indirect. These are various sensual, emotional, intellectual, parapsychologic and even spiritual experiences. Main characteristic of indirect experiences is that there’s a difference between the subject and the object. This difference between subject and object that seperates human being from all existent is actually illusory. But until direct consciousness of this illusion presents itself, it is painfully present in person. The moment of disappearance of this illusion is the moment of experience of Gnosis, which by its nature is Direct experience of the Trouth.

If the Trouth has spoken in you, while reading this invitation, then your place is on the workshop.