Super course of Spiritual Technology

Super course is a synthesis of majority systems of Slavinski. On this course you will:

  • get to know new Gnostic systems from the inside;
  • get the insight in karma and basic codes of being;
  • work with Astral Entities or creatures in your auras or in your clients auras;
  • practise and completely control Magic mirror technique, you will realise how impediments, criticism and condemning of others are directing your lifes;
  • come to know mysterious Gnostic history of universum, what ties you up to planet Earth respectively disables your spiritual development: Implants, Entities, black holes of unconscious;

The course is based only on practise and is very appropriate for leaders working with other people. Participants who preliminarily visited some Gnose Intensives, Sunjata, or their memory reaches also outside of limits of our planet, get biggest success. However this is not a condition. If something started to awaken in you after reading this notice, time has come for your perception to expand over the hedges of this planet.

At the course we will also practise among present methods shamanic techniques, Breath of Light, we will take a look at a video tape UFO’s The Evidence, evidence concerning exsistence of out of earth’s civilizations, travel through time and space, all with intention to re-stimulate contents of your consciousness before arrival to this planet, respectively entry in universum of Energy, Substance, Time and Space.