(Goričko, 19., 20. and 21. December 2017)
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(Goričko, 19., 20. and 21. December 2017)

Dear friends,
Before the beginning of the new cycle of life that starts with the winter solstice, it is important to thoroughly clean and neutralize all that was left unfinished and unspoken on all levels of life. All the old junk from the attic and basement will be cleaned with methods and workshops before the moment arises when light conquers darkness and the new wrapped in a mystery cycle of life begins.

Ire ooo

(Goričko, 19th, 20th and 21st December 2017)

Aina in gnostic context represents the stable state of consciousness “I am All”. This is the moment when a man overcomes polarities that bind him in spiritual and material sense. He experiences and recognizes his true nature which is identical to all that exists.
This state is impossible to achieve with reading books, intellectual discussions or listening to others. You can achieve it only by direct confrontation with yourself and by neutralizing polarities, which like chains prevent individual’s spiritual and material freedom. Methods we will use on the workshop enable just that.
On the workshop, which as every gnostic is extremely practical, we will go on a journey into ourselves with the use of techniques PEAT, Sunjata Intensive, Gnostic Intensive, Golden meditation and so on.
The main method will be new Deep PEAT process, which is performed differently than in previous years, and new, recently developed processes of Spiritual Technology of Slavinski (read below).

Gathering point: Touristic farm Tremel, Bokrači 28, 9201 Puconci,
When:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 19th, 20th and 21st December 2017, from 10.00 to 18.00
Price: 600€ (in case of prepayment on the bank account until including 15th of December 2017, the price is 500€)

Prepayment: ALTORION, d.o.o, Kukeč 30, 9206 Križevci
Bank account: SI56 3000 0001 0750 837 (purpose of payment: Aina workshop)

(Goričko, 21th of December 2017)

Winter solstice is a time of great importance. All that is old dies and all that is new is getting born.
During the ritual we will with lightning speed highlight our past from the point of view of spiritual growth and material – physical reality.
We will pass forward all that is good and leave all that is bad far behind forever.
With the help of Iyaami, Orosun and Awo imule energies we will separate the weed of the past from healthy seeds of the future. We will plant seeds in a futile soil and water it with the energy Aje, which represents long-term abundance (of knowledge, wisdom, success and money).
The ritual is suitable for everybody.
Presence is not necessary, small lock of hair can be send by mail.
After the ritual a special short Itefa workshop will follow, where we will read the energies of 6th Cycle and CYCLE party afterwards, a dinner party and the celebration of the new passage.
Ire ooo

Where: Turistična kmetija Tremel, Bokrači 28, 9201 Puconci, (look at the map)

When: Thursday, 21. December 2016, from 16.00 to 19.00

Price:  180€ – SPECIAL DISCOUNT:

  • for all who will attend Aina workshop, the ritual is free!


PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) represents one of the most efficient methods of Alternative Psychotherapy. On a 3-day training you will totally master Deep PEAT Processing. You will learn in theory and practice of this mighty system, which enables elimination of numerous problems for yourself and others and determination and neutralization of your Primordial (Basic) Polarities and Primordial (Basic) Polarities of others. Neutralization in most cases means resolving you basic life problem, which consecutively incredibly eases and accelerates person’s self-realization.

Until recently a few people knew about this process. The reason is simple. Neutralization of a man’s Basic Polarities was many centuries a secret in systems like Tarot, Alchemy of Middle Ages and Occultism of 19th Century. Taoism and Zen both treasured this process. The essence of Kabala is Neutralization of Opposites. Alchemy is in its basics Neutralization of Polarities – this is the biggest secret of Spiritual science. Advaita Vedanta, one of the deepest systems of practical philosophy speaks only about non-polarity. “Advaita” means non-divided.
From the beginning of PEAT, more than 3000 people Neutralised their Basic Polarities and freed themselves from the most basic, unconscious and uncontrollable problem in their entire life (and many lives before this one). The change in their lives were deep and substantial. In 1999 Slavinski developed PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) from the roots of different systems of Energy Psychology.

In PEAT Deep Processing you start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quite different contents in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with. Each session lasts from 15 minutes to two hours (on average 40 minutes). When you reach the deepest cause, the problem vanishes for good.
In one to three sessions of PEAT Deep Processing, you are able to uncover, make conscious and Neutralise your Primordial Polarities (“Primes” for short). Neutralisation of your Primes solves your most fundamental problem forever. You can’t avoid this resolution, even if you wanted to. This process liberates each human being from the deadly grasp of the fundamental forces of duality. At the moment when you discover your own Primes (Primordial Polarities) there is a Neutralisation of opposites. You see one Primordial Polarity in another and vice versa. You become ONE. You are one with the the whole existence.

Just before the moment of Neutralization there is often a short period of confusion. You may become a bit dizzy and disoriented. This is natural, of course, because the playground on which the game of life was played vanishes. It is like a sudden vanishing of the walls of the jail you have lived in for all your lifetimes.
The Primes encountered are very simple and basic. Here are some examples:

Good and Bad
Approaching and Retreating
Creating and Destroying
Potential and Actual
I and Not-I
I and Others
Tiny and Endless
Power and Powerlessness
Material and Divine
This World and Other World

What is the value of this neutralisation experience? Exaltation doesn’t last long, it’s true. But your whole life becomes clear to you. You will realise the game of life you used to play in many different variations unconsciously and compulsively. You are set free from your main compulsions. You could still play the same games, but now you can choose other games as well. You have freedom to… and freedom from…

Furthermore, after uncovering and Neutralising your Primes you become more conscious of new and old problems, but all your problems are solved much more quickly. Their structure often follows your fundamental game of life in endless variations, which you will now be able to perceive.

Until recently, only a small number of people knew about this process. The reason for this is simple. The Neutralization of one’s Primordial Polarities was a secret for many centuries, within systems such as the Tarot, Middle Age alchemy and 19th century occultism. Taoism and Zen clearly appreciated this process. The Kabala is about Neutralization of Opposites. You must Neutralize these Primordial Polarities and bring your own consciousness to the central point encompassing both, to the Middle Pillar. In its essence, alchemy is about Neutralization of polarities, this is the biggest secret of that Spiritual science. Advaita Vedanta, one of the most profound systems of practical philosophy, speaks only about non-duality. “Advaita” means non-dual.
Since the creation of PEAT more than 1000 people have Neutralized their Primes and freed themselves from the most fundamental, unconscious and compulsive problem of their whole life (and many life times before). The changes in their lives have been profound and substantial.
Theoretical explanations for Primordial Polarities are in their early stages of development. Here is Zivorad Slavinski’s current understanding of this process. Shortly after a Spiritual Being enters from Unmanifested universe (Void, Brahma, Sunyata, Tao) for the first time into this universe of matter, energy, time and space, the Spiritual Being posts two energetic pillars at its entrance, his/her first Yin and Yang. These pillars define the Being’s playground. From that moment onward the Being plays this fundamental game of life between them.
A Being’s Primes are the highest goals a Being wants to attain, again and again. They are a Being’s most powerful attractors. Each Being has a particular set of Primordial Polarities, which might or not be the same as those of others. A principal characteristic of a Being’s fundamental game of life is that it is unconscious and compulsive. Primordial Polarities cause life to see-saw. In endless life situations, the Being oscillates unconsciously and compulsively between the Primordial Polarities. They are not fixed values, but are like alternating electric current. For a period of time, one Polarity seems to be the positive goal (a Being strives with all their power to attain it) and another is negative (and the Being does their best to avoid it). But after some time, their values swap and each Polarity takes on the opposing role.
Most importantly for Spiritual development and for everyday life as well, you can’t solve your most fundamental problem in life until you attain the Neutralization of your Primordial Polarities. Practicing different spiritual disciplines can enable you to disengage from or de-energize that problem for a short time, truncate it, so to say, but sooner or later it gets reactivated. When you address it with PEAT Deep Processing, you become acutely aware of your earlier life as a series of compulsive and unconscious oscillations from one Primordial Polarity to another. Of course, the Neutralization of Primordial Polarities doesn’t solve all your problems, just the most fundamental one. There are many other problems based on dualities, but they will be solved much more easily and quickly with the same Deep PEAT process.
The Neutralization of Primordial Polarities is not the end of our adventures with PEAT. After Neutralization, some of us have opened our awareness into the so-called Great Space (Quantum Vacuum, Tao, Source of All, Void, Sunyata) or into corridors to parallel universes.




Beside Ifa divinations, life readings, Shamanic Cleansings – activation of body consciousness, individual processes, Spiritual Processes of Slavinski (Peat – Neutralization of basic polarities, Memento – integration of past lives, IGI – Individual Gnostic Intensive), i warmly recommend Perate process, a result of work of past two years, which joins three different spheres into one single process.

PERATAE PROCESS Perate process is an individual process where three basic spheres of an individual or a certain problem are processed in one continuous process that lasts 2-3 hours. First segment is use of special methods of spiritual technology to detect and neutralize basic codes – polarities (PEAT). In case where person’s polarities were already neutralized, special process is carried out of detecting the problem, individual is aware of, but can’t clearly define it or couldn’t solve till now despite the effort. Then follows the corresponding process of spiritual technology that solves this problem on the highest level. Second segment represents activation of consciousness of physical body with the use of shamanic techniques. In case a person already has consciousness of his physical body activated, special shamanic methods are used, mostly hologram time line processes, to detect and neutralize all negative decisions and influences of the problem in question from the first segment. The third segment represents IFA Life Reading that basically with one process ends the process of manifestation of human destiny in physical reality. In case a person already has life reading done, IFA divination is performed with Opon, which precisely determines all required activities, that will enable all positive changes to realize in material world in the shortest possible time. Peratae is the name of Gnostic community from the times of pre-Christianity and means: “Those who know the passage!”

Process is performed in Prekmurje.

Prior reservation is necessary.

For all the processes prior reservation is necessary !

Info: +386 41 335-215 (robert),

skype: robert.lavtar