E-meter therapy ENG

E-meter therapy ENG

apr 09
  • symbiosis of archaic and contemporary shamanic treatments;
  • emotional – spiritual diagnostics with psyche-emotio meter and therapy of entire life in one single seance
  • detecting and removing all reasons, that limit person on subjective, physical and objective level;
A short description of the method:

It is a completely new form of holistic process, that captures all components of a person and presents unbelievably effective synthesis of contemporary psychotherapeutic methods and age-old African, Brazilian and Australian shamanism.



Process is most effective in cases, when all known forms of therapies and treatments failed. With E-meter (psyche-emotio meter) we first find with perfect accuracy all causes, critical traumas, convictions, believings, decisions and other adverse conditions, that block clients progress on whichever field of his life. Next, we remove or neutralize all causes with the use of spiritual technology methods and shamanic methods: therapeutic trans, exorcism, return of the soul, removing genetic implants, clearing family carma patterns, beliefs, believings, spells and connecting with Higher Self.

The result is actual depth transformation of the person. Previous experiences outdid all expectations.

Duration time: 30 – 45 min